Next Day Turnaround!

Next Day Turnaround!

Canada - U.S.A.

Starting From $59

Starting From $59


by Canada - U.S. Customs

Barcode Canada specializes in U.S. - Customs Border services. We pride ourselves on a Next Day Turnaround on most products and we ship everywhere in North America. 



Established in 1993 and Approved by Canada and U.S. Customs, you will see us near the Top of the List of Approved Printers. We guarantee your Barcodes will meet Canada - U.S. specifications.


Our Minimum order is One (1). And there is no Maximum.



Our Prices start at $59.00, and we have volume rates that are attractive.



Besides PARS, PAPS, Cargo Control, B3 Account Security Codes ...



Other products include:


  • FORMS: A8A-b and A8b - 7512 b
  • CSA Labels
  • CSA Laminated CARDS
  • CSA Lead Sheets
  • E-Manifest Portal Lead Sheets
  • And More ... 


Please see our Products pages for more information.