Next Day Turnaround!

Next Day Turnaround!

Canada - U.S.A.

Starting From $59

Starting From $59

PAPS (Pre Arrival Processing System) is used for bringing commercial goods into the U.S. from Canada. The PAPS system was designed to facilitate the processing and release of commercial shipments through the U.S. Border. The PAPS label is applied to the Commercial Invoice / Waybill and also must be on the ACE eManifest.


The PAPS label requires a SCAC Code, (Standard Carrier Alpha Code), unique to each transport company. This code is followed by a sequential number and a floating check digit.


We can assist you in applying for a SCAC code if you do not have one already. (Apply for SCAC Code link) If you already have a SCAC code, we can print your PAPS labels the same day and ship immediately.


PAPS labels are printed on sheets and are available as a Single Label, Sets of 2, or more if required.

PARS Example Label



 30 Labels
 $ 59
 90 Labels
 $ 89
500 Labels
$ 115
1000 Labels
$ 140
2000 Labels
$ 175
3000 Labels
$ 200
4000 Labels
$ 215
5000 Labels
$ 225
10,000 Labels
$ 450  
15,000 Labels
$ 575

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